DE is written for design engineering teams.

DE shows engineers how design, simulation and prototyping technologies can bring better products to market faster — while lowering overall development costs.

DE's focus on these technologies allows us to publish more product reviews and application stories than any other design engineering magazine.
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Editor's Pick of the Week: Our editors single out the hottest new technology products for design engineers and managers. (Weekly)
Focus on Analysis and Simulation: Covers what’s new across the range of software, hardware and applications for analysis, simulation and visualization users. (Bi-weekly)
Focus on CAD and PLM: CAD media veteran Kenneth Wong takes a closer look at product lifecycle components, including MCAD, PLM and collaborative technologies. (Bi-weekly)
Focus on Rapid Technologies: Covers rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing and reverse engineering news and new product solutions that design and manufacturing engineers and engineering managers can use now. (Monthly)
Focus on IoT & Sensors: Covers how the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ubiquity of sensors affect design engineering teams. (Monthly)
Focus on Engineering IT and Computing: News and new product announcements on the latest workstations, HPC systems, peripherals and networking hardware and software for engineering environments. (Monthly)
Check it Out: The latest white papers, webinars, videos, online tools and more that are worth checking out. (varies)
Product Spotlight: The latest new products from Digital Engineering's advertisers. (Monthly)
The Friday 4: Four engineering videos to spark your imagination. (Monthly)
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